Valborg 2019 in lund

Are you in need of festivity items for Valborg? Are you living here or coming from outside and want to take part in the famous Valborg festivities, but don’t own the neccessary items to fully enjoy this day? Then check out our Valborg festivity packs that you can rent to make the most of your Valborg 2019!


The outdoor party crowd

Want to spend the day with your friends in the sun and outdoors, with drinks and good chats? Then check out this pack!

  • Speakers

  • Camping Chairs

  • Camping Table

  • Game

  • Ice Box

  • Go-pro


Gather your friends at home

Do you rather want to spend the festivities at your friends’ home, in the garden or indooors, and escape the crowds? Then check out our party pack for exactly that mood!

  • Cocktail Set

  • Games

  • Decoration Items, e.g. fairy lights

  • Speakers


The adventurer and sports-fanatics

Do you prefer spending your time being active, doing sports and like to go on adventures? If you plan to spend Valborg like that, then this pack is for you!

  • Drone

  • Slackline

  • Outdoor Games