Loop.it is a short-term rental service that you can use to rent household and leisure items. It doesn’t matter if you want to build your own garden shed or want to throw a banging party and are in need of a good sound system. You do not need to buy and own items any more. Just create an account, search and book your favorite items - and get them delivered flexible and on time! Don’t waste money, time or space anymore - just Loop.it!

We are intending to set-up a rental service for all different items, but for now we are just at the start of the journey. Therefor we just offer three different Valborg packs that you can rent. It doesn’t matter if you are a party animal, a chill-at-home person or the adventurer - with Loop.it you will find a rental pack that will make your Valborg 2019 more special - and especially easier! Just Loop.it!