Loop.It Project Begins

On the last day of April every year Swedes flood into Lund to celebrate Valborg (Walpurgis Night). Traditionally bonfires were lit to ward off evil spirits and predators, while villagers made loud noises through banging drums, ringing bells and shouting. Now a days, the tradition stands tall, though mainly due to crowds of students who embrace it as an opportunity to party after the spring exams, and before the end of term papers are due. Lund is home to one of the biggest events in the entire country; last year 30,000 people descended on the city park (Stadsparken) to celebrate the arrival of spring. Most of these people come with fold up chairs, speakers and a whole manner of items they intend to use for this event alone.

This year Loop.it will kick off with this event. Offering a wide selection of items for rent, like chairs, speakers, Garden umbrellas and a wide range of games to help people enjoy the game. These items will be available to rent from us, from a stand located within Stadsparken. So if you dont want to bring these items, please come along and rent from us


Destination : 3pm

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