About loop.it

Loop.It was started by two development studies students at Lund University, with the goal to reduce the amount of consumption of the average individual. We first developed our idea when doing a course on the circular economy. We identified multiple objects in our lives which we thought we needed to buy, even though we used them on average about once per month. Despite this, everyone we knew also owned one of these items, which to us seemed like a waste, in resources . We searched online for other solutions to owning these items but could find none in Sweden.

With the growth of sharing networks, through companies like airBnB and Uber, we thought we’d try to create a sharing network in Sweden, though not for Cars, or accommodation, but for stuff instead. We looked into different models worldwide which try to tackle this issue, and saw great examples of companies, like the library of things in London, who offered cheap short term rentals from themselves to people who don’t want to buy things, and decided to adopt this model to implement in Sweden.


Sustainable Consumption

For us at Loop.it, our main goal is tackle goal number 14 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable consumption and production. While achieving this goal requires many large changes in how the global production chain works, we believe that we can help individuals who don’t they don’t have to buy, by offering a way to sustainable consume a product, at the same time as many other people.

By creating a system of sharing and renting we can create a demand for products to be built for the long term. Stressing longevity and sustainability in our products will enable to embrace the circular economy, and move towards a more sustainable future.


With the rise of social media, we are constantly shown people using, stuff we cant afford. Whether its a cooking channel like Tasty, recommending the use of a slow cooker for a recipe. Or a photographer showing of their latest equipment, like a new camera or drone, on their Instagram channel. We know these things are expensive, and not everyone can afford items like these, but we believe everyone should have access

With Loop.It we believe everyone should have access to equipment like this, so they can pursue any new hobby, or activity they wish too, without paying the large ownership fee required.

With Loop.it we hope to create a system where anyone can try to start a podcast, or create a YouTube channel, without needing to be out of pocket with equipment.

If you wish to get in contact with us please contact Alastair Grant at alastairegrant@gmail.com